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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment @ Nadipathy

Kidney Function
         The kidneys are pair of organs and located on back of the abdomen, shape of the kidney are bean shaped, the kidney’s function are  producing hormones, absorbing minerals, filtering blood and producing urine. Some other functions are waste excretion, water level balancing,  regulating  blood pressure, acid regulation. In which kidneys contain millions of nephrons, these nephrons are used in microscopic filtration for blood. The kidneys also produce hormones  calcitriol, rennin, erythromycin.

what is chronic kidney Disease : chronic kidney disease is a condition, it is characterised by gradual loss of kidney function. CKD chronic kidney disease is also known as  chronic renal disease.
Chronic kidney disease  is divided into five stages there are
·        Slightly kidney damage with normal filtration
·        Mild decrease in kidney function
·        Moderate decrease in kidney function
·        Severe  decrease in kidney function
·        Finally kidney failure

mild  decrease in kidney function is known as renal insufficiency. Loss of kidney function , there is an accumulation water, waste, and toxic substances  that are in the body.

kidney failure another name is renal failure. Our kidneys carry out the complex system of filtration in our bodies – excess waste and fluid material are removed from the blood and excreted from the body. Our kidneys get their blood and oxygen supply from the renal arteries, which are branches of the abdominal aorta (another artery). When it enters the kidneys, blood goes through smaller and smaller blood vessels – the smallest ones being the glomeruli (tiny capillary blood vessels which are arranged in tufts).
     As kidney failure advances, dangerous levels of waste and fluid can rapidly build up in the body. If chronic kidney failure ends in end –stage kidney disease, the patient will not survive without dialysis (artificial filtering) or a kidney transplant.


  •   Anemia
  •  Blood in urine
  •   Dark urine
  •   Decrease mental alertness
  •   Decreased urine out put
  •   Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  •   Insomnia
  •   Itchy skin
  •   constipation
  •   Loss of appetite
  •   More frequent urination(especially at night)
  •   Pain on the side (or) mid to lower back
  •   Protein in urine
  •   Sudden change in weight
  •   Unexplained headaches and body pains
  •   Fatigue and weakness
  •   Swelling of feet and ankles
  •   Shortness of  breath
  •   Sleep problems
  •   Chest pain
  •   Metallic taste in mouth
  •   Felling cold
  •   Dizziness
  •   Abnormal heart rhythms
  •   Puffiness around the eyes
  •   Very feel tried


  •   Heart failure (decrease blood supply to kidneys)
  •   Dehydration (lowering blood pressure)
  •   Infections (bacterial or viral)
  •   Chronic diabetes (completely insulin dependent)
  •   Smoking and drinking habits
  •   Eating spoiled foods
  •   Medications ( antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs)
  •   Glomerulonephritis an inflammation of kidney’s filtering units
  •   Interstitial nephritis , an inflammation of  kidney tubules and  kidney locations.
  •   Polycystic kidney disease
  •   Obstructions of urinary track
  •   Vesicoureteral reflex (urine back into kidneys) 


·        Diabetes
·        High blood pressure
·        Heart disease 
·        Obesity
·        High cholesterol level
·        Smoking
·        Family history of kidney
·        Auto immune disease
·        Age of 60 or older
·        Stress
·        Diet in high amount of salt

·        Cirrhosis and liver disease


BLOOD TEST:  If levels of urea and creatinine are persistently high in blood. We conform that it is kidney disease.
URINE TEST:  To find out whether there is either blood and /or protein in     the urine.
G.F.R TEST:  Glomerular filtration rate – it compares the levels of waste products in the patient’s blood his/her urine. G.F.R measures how many milliliters (ml) of waste the kidneys are able to filter per minute.

The kidneys of healthy individual can typically filter over 90ml /min. And who has the kidney problem (G.F.R) falls below 30ml/min.


            Many of the treatments are available to cure kidney disease. But they are giving unnecessary medicines to internal body, that given temporary relief to problem.  It will need much time as months (or) years.  Sometimes they are doing harmful surgeries to kidneys. This will cause side effects to kidney.

 Nadipathy treated many of chronic kidney patients without using any medicines.  In our research we find that due to lack of energy to kidneys, it does not work properly to function.  So we are giving sufficient energy to kidneys through certain Nadi’s present in our body. 


NADI DIAGNOSE:  NADI can be measured in the superficial, middle, and deep levels thus obtaining more information regarding energy imbalance of the patient. 
When the body becomes weak due to any sudden incident or due to food habits or due to changes in the nature. If any one of the Nadi not working properly it multiplies gradually (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 ...) .decreases its energy .That reflects gradually in the subtle body and it change as disease on the Physical body. Modern Doctors can recognize diseases only at this stage.Our body is making up with 72,000 Nadi’s, all the Nadi’s are inter-linked to every organ function. If there is any blockage to such Nadi, it does not work properly. So those organs get lack of energy to function normally. Before to the treatment, Nadipathy treats on the root cause of particular Nadi blockage through Nadi diagnosis.                        

Our body is making up with 72,000 Nadi’s, all the Nadi’s are inter-linked to every organ function. If there is any blockage to such Nadi, it does not work properly. So those organs get lack of energy to function normally. Before to the treatment, Nadipathy treats on the root cause of particular Nadi blockage through Nadi diagnosis.


It is an alternative medicine technique that measures patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient’s systemic health.

Based on the iris condition we determine which ones had kidney impairments.


By using Acupuncture, Acupressure, Marma therapy, Vedic therapy, Magne therapy, Seed therapy, Massage therapy, Cupping therapy, Detoxification therapy, Naturopathy, Beach sand therapy, and some other natural therapies to remove the waste materials & excess heat present inside the body. We treat the kidney function as normal with 0% side effects.
Duration The duration of the treatment is 1 month.           
An early stage of undergoing this Nadipathy™ treatment will help to prevent the patient’s kidney malfunctioning and dialysis.

Yoga For Chronic kidney Disease

Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace and maintain good health.
A regular practice of yogasanas is curing the free of cost in kidney failures. No need of expansive and medicines and dialysis

Kidney disease patient have low immunity power, when yoga can help to increasing immunity power, and helps to improve health.

Ardhamatyendrasana                                                         Bhujangasana

Dhanurasana                                                                  Janusirsasana





Pranayama for chronic kidney disease

Pranayama is the part of yoga system and that tells the extend of breath in different ways. Pranayama breath is skill fully in inhalation and exhalation. Best time of the pranayama or breathing exercises is early morning in the day on fresh air. Most benefits of pranayama is decreases the stress related disorders, lowering blood pleasure, weight loss and relieving the function of lungs disorders. Pranayama exercises are mainly in two, they are kapalbhati and anuloma- viloma exercises.

                                             Kapalbhati pranayama

Anuloma – Viloma Pranayama

Anuloma – viloma is the alternative nostril breathing technique. In this technique breathing of inhalation is one nostril and retain the breath in exhalation is another nostril.  Anuloma- viloma is similar to practice of nadisodhana.


Morning ­­­­­­­:-

                     5.30am – 1lt. Water

                    7.00am – pudina (or) coriander leaves juice daily ½ cup

                    9.00am – morning food (only veg)

                    10.30am – 2 glass of water

                    12.00pm – 2 glass of water 
                    1.00pm   - fruits & cereals

                    2.30pm   - 2 glass of water

                    4.00pm    -  2 glass of water

                    6.00pm     - evening food (chapathi)

                    7.30pm    - 2 glass of water

                   8.30pm     - 2 glass of water

Cereals & NUTS
Bitter gourd
Ridge gourd,snake gourd
Bottle gourd, ivy gourd
Black berry                      
 Pine apple                           
Bran flakes
Almond, cashew
Pea Beans

Fenugreek leaves


Masala foods, salted foods, heavy oil foods, fast foods, biscuits, chocolates, cool drinks, spinach, fish, crab, prawns, chi ken, egg, mutton, soya beans, milk, cheese, butter milk, cakes, health powders, tomatoes, maize, bread, lemon salt, banana, maize, pickles, fry items,  vegetable chips, ground nuts, orange, lemon,amla,sweet potato, potato, beet root, baking powder,cauli flower.

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